Thursday, October 10, 2013

WIP 2: MG RX-78 3.0

Work continued the next night on the arms. Specifically the shoulder joints which were built in pairs. With the tiny white pieces and their microscopic dots, I'm glad I lined on the runner. It looks good.

One assembled shoulder joint, one waiting to be capped off. There's a polycap in there.

The upper half of the infamous shoulder joint. Both gray pieces need to be slid into the light piece in a specific order and orientation.

Properly assembled.

Same deal with the lower shoulder joint/forearm.

Lower forearm joint assembled

The three components that will make up the elbow assembly, minus side frames. Note: I painted the copper parts. The stickers infuriated me on the RG and I wouldn't let it happen again on the 1/100 RG.

The inside of the elbow joint showing it correctly aligned. Everything wants to move once you try and cap it off with the other armor. This step took longer than any other one so far.

One completed arm frame

Both completed arm frames. You can see the pre-painted copper well here. I also decided I wanted copper under the elbow joint because why not.

Adding some upper armor

Testing flexibility

They're called "Emotion manipulators" because they toy with your emotions. They look awesome but they are so fragile.

Completed arms, with two broken fingers. That's why the right hand isn't in a fist.

Shoulder armor frame off the runner. There's some nice detail for anyone who wants to paint it up. (read: not me)

Completed shoulder armor frames

Shoulder armor armor.

And attached.

Arms are now on the body. Just need a head.

Speaking of a head... Note the light piping.

Head inner frame.

Add the vulcans, and some side armor.

Top it off with the crest and v-fin.

Completed torso
With the upper torso and core fighter complete, I called it a night. Next up: the legs!

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