Wednesday, March 12, 2014

WIP 2: RG GAT-X105 - Sword Striker Pack

After finishing the Skygrasper proper, I moved onto the Sword Striker Pack and content for GoodGuy Dan's contest. I started by trimming and cleaning almost all of the parts (including the dark blue seen above) before beginning assembly.

Unlike with the Skygrasper, I'll be using an enamel wash on the Striker Packs and the Strike itself. It gives better results overall, even if it is a little more time consuming.

All of the light blue parts

Main body of the shield before...

...and after assembly.

The claw before...

...and after.

The attachment mechanism that lets the sword attach to the Strike. I won't actually be using this.

Starting construction of the shoulder detail with three simple pieces.

They snap together in a pretty obvious manner.

Four parts, including a small blue one, make up the beam boomerang.

Slightly more complex than the ones on the Destiny.

How the Beam Boomerang attaches to the shoulder.

Front and back of the shoulder mount. Six pieces total.

Three for each shoulder.

All the pieces required for the sword, minus the effect part.

Assembly starts with the blade.

Add a locking handle and pommel.

Sword Striker Pack completed. Shoulder, Sword, Shield, and mount.

A couple of views of the pack on the Skygrasper.


Next up: Launcher pack. All the olive and red parts de-nubbed.

A preview of what's to come.

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