Thursday, March 6, 2014


Time to get started on the RG Perfect Strike Gundam that I'm building for the GoodGuyCompetition being run by GoodGuy Dan. I decided to start by building the weapons and the Skygrasper, even though the Skygrasper isn't even being entered. The plan is to panel line, sticker with the awesome RG stickers and top coat. Then some pictures.

I'm really only building the Skygrasper so I have somewhere to put the weapons as I build them.

Beginning with the cockpit. Undergates on the canopy.

Assembled cockpit

Canards and nosecone, and front canopy. With more undergates

Canards added.

Wing assembly begins with the right.

Some vents and the shoulder-esque latch.


Some blue and yellow details...

...complete off the right wing.

All the parts for the left wing prior to assembly. Amazingly enough, a mirror of the right wing.

Left wing assembled.

Adding the body. Surprisingly little inner frame for an RG.

Some inner frame and the rear attachment point

If you look close, you can see the Aile pack's attachment

Top of the Skygrasper, with cutout for the cannon.

Now with vulcans.

Nearly-completed body. I'm panel lining as I go with a gray Gundam lining pen.
Parts for the intake vents

Ready to intake air!

A white piece and a blue piece for each vertical stabilizer.

Stabilizers attached aft of the cannon mount.

For the intake and thruster underneath. Small piece image center is for vector control.

Nose, and thruster awaiting attachment. Hobby knife and Gundam marker for scale

Completed Skygrasper snapfit.

Another view. Still haven't decided to go gear down or not.

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