Tuesday, April 1, 2014

WIP 4: RG GAT-X105 - Aile Striker Pack

The Launcher Striker pack was completed and I moved onto the Aile Strike pack. All the pieces for the Aile. Two reds, one yellow, and two grays, plus some white. Because of how Bandai laid out the plates, its feasable they could sell it separately. Not that they ever would.

Also separated from the runners: all the pieces for the beam rifle. Lots of gray, one white

Right wing assembled

Left wing disassembled, compared to the assembled right wing. Brown gundam marker for lining on the red.

One of the boosters spread out

Four tiny stickers before the cowling goes on 
Now with mount points to attach to the body of the Aile Pack.

Attached to the frame. Right is forward.

Bottom armor and red vents added. Forward is left in this picture.

Attaching the cowlings for a test fit.

Battery pack and mount

Aile Assembled. Now to dissemble as I want to add the arm.

Fearlessly  chopped some plastic under the wing to mount the arm

Test fit before adding the top back on


After that detour, I finished the other thruster

Which looked like this

Test fit Aile+Launcher pack.

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