Tuesday, April 1, 2014

WIP 5: RG GAT-X105 - Strike Gundam

Like most RG kits, construction of the Gundam begins with the feet. The Aile is no different. There's a small thruster mounted to the bottom of the foot before you start putting on the armor.

More armor

Ankle armor added too

First leg complete. I was in the zone and didn't take any WIP shots

Right leg, frame on the left, armor on the right.

Feet and legs, Aile style

Standard waist skirts and frame. These are on ball joints, but they look like they'll hold a lot better than the RX-78-2 RG.

Shoulder frames. Look at that gorgeous detailing that's about to be covered up.

Shoulder armor added. One piece on each side. Lots of panel lines.

Left arm. And those evil foil stickers. Lets see if they hold on any better than the RX-78-2 RG.

All armored up. Using basic fist right now.

Looks like as close to a full 180* armor bend as possible.

Arms, legs, feet, ankles, waist, and shoulders. 

Chest starts with this piece off the B runner

Then a cockpit is built. It even opens

Look at it. Amazing what can be done with a model kit now.

Attach the cockpit (now closed) to the chest frame

Then build up the armor around it

Another view of the chest. One blue, two red, and two white.

There seems to be something missing...

Inner frame of the Strike head. I think I prefer the MG 2.0 RM sculpt a little better.

Completed head

All the pieces to the Strike.

Let the panel lining begin

The difference a little lining makes

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