Friday, September 27, 2013

WIP: RG GP01fb

You may remember before the Nu Ver. Ka. was show that I had picked up both of these kits. I finished the GP01 Zephranthes snap fit the other day and almost immediately began work on the Full Burnen. There were a few parts of the Zephranthes build I missed capturing on film digital. I really need to get a tripod for my camera. Or at least a monopod.

As before, started with an identical cockpit section on the Core Fighter

Completed cockpit section

Front of the core fighter. Vents have been subbed out for thrusters.

Beam saber mounts attached

Back half of the core fighter, this is where it really starts to differ from before

Almost all the parts needed for the boosters.

Completed core fighter

And folded for insertion into the Gundam
Construction continues with the leg frame

Completed inner frame for the right leg

The right foot is a bit bulkier and less flexible. More thruster, less brakes

First layer of blurry armor. Significantly bulkier than the Zephranthes

Attaching the final piece of leg armor
All of the parts for the left foot's armor

The armor etc. for the left leg

Ah, the waist. Don't forget to rotate everything in the proper direction

Leg attachment points

My fourth RG kit and I finally discovered that the legs are on a swing mechanism!?

Adding armor to the waist section

Blurry front skirts on the half frame

The completed lower waist

Upper waist and Core Fighter mount

The completed waist section

The completed waist section on a leg mount

The completed core fighter on a lower torso mount
I'll probably be finishing up the arms, upper torso and weapons over the weekend. I may even have enough time to panel line both this and the Zephranthes as well.

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