Sunday, September 22, 2013


As hinted at before the Nu ver. Ka., these two were going to be my next project. After unpacking the first one, I decided my workspace wasn't quite large enough to tackle both of them at the same time. I decided to start with the normal model then tackle the Full Burnen after. Read on for the full build log.

Glorious inner frame of the RG. The torso part is X'd out in the manual because of the Core Fighter gimmick.
 Speaking of the core fighter, the manual has us start with building the cockpit and the center blue body/chest vents.
 Then, its followed up with the back portion/backpack thrusters.
 The completed core fighter in core fighter mode.

And folded for insertion into the body.

Inner frame for the leg. I really like the pistons at the ankle.

A double 180* bend.

Foot armor attached.

Nice detail. Complete with brakes on the front and heel of the foot.

Some inner leg armor. The upper pieces split

Armored and unarmored

The same leg bend, now with armor
Both legs armored up

I completely forgot to take pictures of the construction of the waist section. It was very standard for an RG with the skirt attachments similar to that of the Freedom and not the unsecure ball joints of the RX-78.

Starting on the arms.

Arm all armored up.

Excellent range of freedom

Completed body, minus the head.

Correction: torso still missing these shoulder details, and the shoulder armor.

Parts that make up the head

The "inner frame" of the head. I went with the one piece eye sticker

Looking good

I'm liking this head sculpt

I'm really liking this head sculpt

Completed mobile suit (minus side skirts)

Starting on the beam rifle. Very well detailed inner frame.

The parts that make up the shield

Completed shield, with extra  handle with molded on hand

Its an extensomatic shield!

Excellent detail on the back side. Some panel lining will really bring it to life

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